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Göteborg Classic 2012

Göteborg Sea Drakes Lacrosse is proud to welcome you to northern Europes finest lacrosse event.

 3-5 August

This is the fifth consecutive year for us and we are still growing.

The tournament will be played at Heden right in the center of Gothenburg. The famous barstreet more known as ”Avenyn” is just a longstick throw away. Finals will be played on Sunday from 10am and if you decide to stay out partying til 5 just use the comfy benches nearby the fields. There are some good cheap quality hotels just meters away from the fields so it shouldn\'t be nessasary.

Although tough quality games will be played from Friday afternoon until early Sunday.
Licenced referees will be flown in from Germany to ensure high quality over the whole tournament.

Check out the homepage for full information about the tournament.